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Mar 6, 2014

Blessed by the Gods with exceptional beauty, the lush green island of Corfu in the Ionian Sea featuring a coastline filled with golden sand or scenic pebbled beaches is full of possibilities for an ideal holiday. However, apart from an ideal destination for absolute relaxation and endless sunshine, Corfu also has a plethora of interesting places to see and learn about!
Due to the almost 400 hundred years of Venetian occupation, the architecture in Corfu Town is typical of that period. The whole of the town makes you think you are in neighboring Italy with all that cobbled streets, “kantounia” in the local language. So, a walk around Corfu Town is definitely a must, since this is the only way to discover the attractions downtown. Wandering around the scenic part of Old Town, you’ll definitely come across the Church of St. Spyridon, the patron saint of Corfu Island. The church holds many excellent relics and has magnificent icons, as well as the remains of St. Spyridon kept in a silver reliquary.

In the Old Town visitors will also find the well-preserved Old Fortress, which apart from a monumental character also houses municipal offices, and in the summer serves as the ideal place for concerts.

Near the palace of Mon Repos stand the ruins of the ancient site of Palaiopolis, which used to be the ancient agora of Corfu Island. The most noteworthy monuments of the site are: the agora (market), the Doric style Temple of Kardakios, the Roman Baths and Post-Hellenistic curved building.

For a day trip in Corfu’s countryside, pay a visit to the Achillion Palace once home of the Austrian Princess Sissy. Throughout the palace and its grounds there are statues of the Olympian gods and the 9 musses. A huge statue of Achilles stands in the gardens, and another on the outdoor stairwell. Inside the palace much of the furniture is engraved with Greek gods and mythological tales. The Achillion Palace is located a short distance from Corfu Town, in the settlement of Gastouri.

And for some seaside sightseeing, make sure you get a taste of the quaint islet of Pontikonissi just off the coast of Corfu, which is accessible from the area of Kanoni. Boats depart frequently to the isle to visit the Byzantine church and sit in the cafe that is located amongst the trees.

All in all, Corfu is an amazing place for holiday either you are seeking a getaway in the sunshine or one with an educational twist as well.

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