Corfu’s Architecture

Mar 20, 2014

Also known as the queen of the Ionian Sea, Corfu is a place blessed with lush greenery, unspoiled beauty and impressive buildings, making it unique among the Ionian Islands. Apart from the stunning golden-sand or pebbled shores and the crystal clear waters, the mythical island of Faiakes boasts an Old Town featuring architectural structures rarely found in the rest of Greece, due to the 400-year Venetian occupation.
To most people the word occupation creates negative feelings and images. However, being stunned by the beauty of Corfu Town we’d really hesitate to agree! The whole of the Old Town is considered a piece of art, thanks to its quaint Venetian-style houses, separated in more than two storeys, at least.
The streets in Corfu Town are narrow, stone-paved alleys lined with every kind of shops, from super-markets to souvenir outlets and jewelry shops for some European standard shopping!
Of course, highlights of Corfu Town include the church of Aghios Spyridon, the island’s patron saint, with the imposing red-colored bell tower, standing high above the town, and the marble-paved passage of Liston filled with cafes and restaurants. The passage of Liston is famous for its arched porch resembling the elegant buildings of Florence and Venice.
Walking along the waterfront, towards the bay of Garitsa, visitors will notice the change in scenery, which apart from modern structures, also consists of new classical buildings, once town houses of aristocratic families residing the island.
All in all, Corfu has a magical beauty ready to charm every visitor, with the Austrian Princess Sissy being one of the island’s greatest lovers!

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