Getting ready for summer 2014!

Mar 19, 2014

As summer is slowly, yet constantly giving signs of arriving, the team of Delfino Blu has already started the preparation for summer 2014.
It’s true that we try our best to keep our dear guests satisfied, boasting attentive service and pleasant surroundings; therefore we do make big or smaller renovations every year to fresh up our property.
This year we decide to add some more greenery to the outdoor area of Delfino Blu, by planting impressive palm trees that will make the hotel look even more charming, but most all it will offer plenty of shade for the hot summer days, giving guests the chance to enjoy their coffee or a refreshing drink by the pool area without being disturbed by the scorching sun rays.
Truthful to its eco-friendly attitude, Delfino Blu puts green on the front line once more and is anxiously waiting for summer 2014!

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