You & #DelfinoBlu

May 2, 2014

Imagine during your vacation meeting with people who share your interests. A family with a 4 year old boy or girl, just like yours, a couple that loves to explore and party like you do or a couple of friends that like to chill at the beach and you could hang out with them.

Vacation is all about dreams, friendships and experiences. As we see it, we don’t meet new visitors and people next room, but new friends who share common interests and experiences that will live forever.

This has always been the case with Delfino Blu. People meeting each other and visiting us in the following years, not alone, but with their summer buddies. And when we see that happening, it is like magic to our eyes!

So we thought, how can we help that magic happen more often? How to make it easy for our guests to meet each other? The answer was easy... Let’s embed social media in our everyday life at Delfino Blu and give it a place for the conversation about common interests and experiences to start!

So next time you see something beautiful, visit a nice place or experience something outstanding, feel free to share it with us and our guests using #DelfinoBlu and start the conversation with your future friends!

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