Corfu’s hidden jewel!

Sep 22, 2015

Take a walk back to history lane, by visiting “Casa Parlante” in downtown Corfu, a hidden “jewel” of a museum. On Strada Reale, or what is now referred to as Nikiforou Theotoki str. the visitor will go back in a time of aristocracy and get to participate in the everyday life of a Count and his beloved Countess!

Casa Parlante houses animated robotic figures that are programmed to recreate the everyday life of a 19th century house of nobles in Corfu. The long history of the island with its Italian, French and British influences had created a very unique for the Greek territory aristocracy. Nobility welcomed the unification with the rest of Greece, but continued to enjoy certain aspects of its elite status. In a rare view to the time this “Museum” features more than texts or paintings of such people, but offers you an authentic experience.

The hand-picked furniture and decor of this museum that brings to life a century bygone, are either authentic pieces or true to life replicas, giving the visitor the chance to see for themselves what the aesthetics of the era were. Amplifying this insight, are the costumes and artefacts that one can find within the Casa Parlante displays. Newspapers of the time, entertainment and home-schooling equipment are all there, assisting in your journey to a time, almost forgotten. Robotic figures of the Count and the Countess show them reading and having tea, the children play and the house staff is always ready to satisfy their demands.

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