End of #Summer15

Sep 22, 2015

Time to face the truth, #summer15 is over.

It has been another incredible season, all thanks to you! More and more people chose Corfu for their vacations and Delfino Blu for their stay.

Corfu’s airport was one of the busiests in Greece during this summer and for many visitors it was the first image of Greece.

The island enjoyed a warm summer, with great sunshine, making this year ideal for cool dives at the crystal clear waters of the sea and exploring the beaches!

Agios Stefanos, the beachfront of our hotel, played host to countless visitors, who enjoyed its clear and shallow waters, while ordering a refreshment from our beach bar!

This year also saw a renovation to our pool bar, which now allows you to order your favourite cocktail from the afternoon, until later in the night, captivating its guests with is lounge ambience and breathtaking view.

Some good friends of ours tied the knot at our hotel, making us burst with joy for sharing their most important day with us!

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But, most of all, we’re super thrilled that once more we made new and great friendships that will last forever, and saw long-time friends again, caught up with them and got to share their few days of relaxation and unwind!

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