Wintertime showcases a different Corfu, equally interesting and beautiful!

Nov 17, 2015

Corfu, a true jewel of Greece, is a unique mixture of ancient Greek and later European culture, combined with exotic beach and typical warm Mediterranean climate. Mostly famous as a summer destination spot, few fully comprehend that Corfu is a large, populous, mostly rural island that follows its own separate rhythm away from the touristic hotspots, all year long!

September to June the island focuses on its extended olive groves, exporting tons and tons of its excellent quality olive oil! Others attend to their vineyards of the indigenous white Kakotriges and red Petrokoritho varieties, among others, producing every year rare and celebrated wines. Also the trees of kumquat and bergamot oranges need care, since Corfu produces the finest varieties in Greece.

Away from their sandy beaches, residents of Corfu during wintertime, participate in one of the island’s internationally acclaimed philharmonic ‘bands’. These bands form musical societies, with strong ties between their members and even musical rivalries! To be precise, a band goes under the building of another, playing a musical tune, thus challenging them to a (never-ending) duel!

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